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Through the customer’s increased health awareness, BIMS offers customers many adavantages:


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Disturbances of growth in childrens feet and the remote consequences of these must be avoided.

It is therefore important to determine


quickly and reliably.

When fitting childrens shoes, a problem arises, since children cannot reliably state whether or not a shoe fits.Furthermore, parents only think of buying a child a new pair of shoes when the child’s toes become red or when a shoe is showing visible signs of wear and tear.
The sales staff’s professional competence is quickly called into question, since there is no simple measurement system available which can be used for every brand of shoe.

  • BIMS offers both sales staff and customers persuasive assistance in reaching a decision.
  • BIMS ® is a calliper gauge which is used to determine the length of the child’s foot and the length of the inside of the shoe.
  • BIMS can be used for every brand of shoe.
  • BIMS is characterised by the fact that all of the following are taken into account:
    • the room for movement (required by the toes when walking)
    • room for growth (the growth of the foot)
    • and the minimum height of the front of the shoe (in order to avoid any pressure on the big toes).