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Advantage Customer

Through the customer’s increased health awareness, i.e. WELLNESS, BIMS offers the customer the following  ADVANTAGES:  

  • It increases the customer’s confidence.
  • The customer is convinced by the purchase and recognises the business’s concern for health.
  • No shoes are sold which are too big or too small. The most important length measurements such as the room for growth (6 mm), the minimum height of the front of the shoe (12 mm) and room for movement (8-9 mm) are taken into account in the wedge of the slide gauge.
  • The shoe size is quickly determined for all brands and price categories.
  • Easy to use.
  • As soon as the foot has grown in length by more than one measurement unit, parents should consider buying the child a new pair of shoes, since children’s feet generally grow one to two shoe sizes each year. A check should be carried out every 8 to 12 weeks. The BIMS makes it possible to check the growth of the foot.

It should be possible for both the sales staff and the parents to check the child’s foot, the inside of the shoe and, consequently, the ideal shoe size at any time. 

BIMS® is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists