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The child is asked to place one foot on the measurement system. The heel must sit against the heel rest. The slide gauge is pushed back until the back of the wedge reaches the longest toe. When the slide gauge is being pushed back, attention should be paid to the extension of the toes in order to prevent any measurement error. The child then removes its foot. The shoe size can now be read on the scale.



In order to measure the shoe, the shoe is opened fully. The measurement system is then placed on the inner sole, while making sure that the heel rest of the measurement system is sitting firmly against the heel pad of the shoe. The person who is carrying out the measurement uses one finger to hold the heel rest firmly against the shoe. While the heel rest is held firmly in position, the slide gauge is then pushed in notches towards the front of the shoe. As soon as the wedge of the slide gauge reaches the front of the shoe, the shoe size can be read on the scale.

The length of the child’s foot can be compared with the length of the inside of the shoe. For the ideal shoe size, the two measurements must be identical.